Factol Alisohn Nilesi

Factol Alisohn Nilesi (Female/Wiz/Tiefling/Sigil/Mercykillers (Factol))


Tried to join The Mercykillers at the age of 8 and was denied.
Finally managed to join at the age of 11.
Been Factol for 2 months.
In the few years since she has been in the faction the ranks have swelled to 25,000.
Many Mercykillers have developed a fanatical devotion to their new factol. Anywhere from 20-30 members accompany her at all times and would gladly give their lives if Nilesia so requested it.
Restless and high strung she sleeps only 15 min out of every four hours. When asked why she slept so little, Nilesia replied:
“Justice never sleeps, why should I? Why should you?”
The questioner disappeared shortly after that.

Nilesia reviews the files on every felony case catching and clarifying any and all discrepancies. A number of Guvners and record-keepers have begun to grumble at the extra work she’s causing, correcting their mistakes.


The dream is of justice, as always. I quiver with the joy of dispensing punishment to those who are guilty, so guilty! At first my dream is a delight to gladden a righteous soul, but then. . . she enters the dream. The Lady herself enters my sleep, night after night. I stand before a fallen prisoner, his body still twitching as the life drains from him. My joy is short-lived, however, for The Lady floats toward me. We are alone, for I have sent my men on ahead, and she is without her usual dabus. I wonder what she will do, but always the thought flits away – to be replaced by words, real words, inside my head. The Lady is speaking to me! To me! Never in the recorded history of Sigil has the Lady ever spoken to anyone – but she speaks to me.
I tell no one, of course. I cannot reveal the dilemma The Lady has placed before me. Always, in my dream, she floats before me and says the words: “What would thou do, Factol Aliisohn Nilesia, if I committed a crime? What would thou do?” I stare at her. How can the being I most revere be guilty of crime? How can she test my devotion so? Surely she must know how I admire her absolute willingness to dispense justice. to punish the wicked, to flay the skin of the heinous and send them screaming into the Mazes.
I stare, and suddenly I start to feel something crumble inside of me. The answer becomes plain: This is an admission of her guilt. With that enormous realization comes a chilling new awareness, for I know, of course – of course! – she must he guilty. Who could command the Cage for so many centuries without committing some crime Then in my dream it comes, the confirmation of my musings: The Lady’s body fades away, all that remains is her knife-rimmed face. It grows slowly smaller, and I see a brilliant red sun expanding behind her. The glowing disk grows brighter and larger, blinding me, hut still I look on. Then I see the winged snake, its fanged maw opened wide; slowly engulf the Lady of Pain.
And I know, without a doubt, that The Lady’s time has come. Her crimes against the multiverse have weighed too heavily upon her head. She has come to me for help in bringing her to justice. She has come to me to die.
And I cannot he more pleased than to bring one so deserving as The Lady to’ justice.

- Factol Alisohn Nnilesi

The Mercykillers

Factol Alisohn Nilesi

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