The Grell

The Grell (Grell/Sigil/The Revolutionary League)


The Grell is a member of the anarchists cell (Cell 39) that is currently an ally of the party. Even to it’s fellow members it is an oddity. One day it just started showing up at meetings and no one was barmy enough to try to force it to leave. The Grell listens to the leader of the cell and generally seems to enjoy aiding them in their goals.
The desire to be part of a ‘pack’ isn’t to surprising as grell are pack creatures but where it’s original pack is and why it latched on to Cell 39 are anyone’s guesses. Attempts to communicate with it about it’s history have only left the brave cutters with the feelings and images of annoyance.

While telepathic, The Grell only communicates in the most basic terminology of what it is thinking at any given moment. “I’m helping.” seems to be a favorite statement. Telepathic images of whatever is bothering/pleasing/in-it’s-way are also popular. Mental images of pleasure while eating are another, horrific, attempt to be part of ‘the pack’ and share the enjoyment the creature feels with everyone.

The Grell

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