A Hitchhicker's Guide to the Planes

What has gone before -
Last Season on "Planescape...the Game"

On any other day this would(n’t) be odd – - -

So a berk died in The Hive one night. No big deal – many berks die in The Hive, Lower Ward or anyone of a number of dark alleys in Sigil on any given night. Stabbed and left for dead, par for the course.
Turns out the cutter was affiliated with the Red Death in some way – no one is really sure. Again death by stabbing isn’t to surprising for a member of The Mercykillers. (Note: death by blunt interment is a close second with bleed-out trauma closing the top three) The Mercykillers didn’t take this lying down but instead of the usual petty bickering and retaliatory strikes common among the factions they did something totaly unexpected and wholly remarkable – they went to court.

See, some time ago there was an open war between them and the Hardheads about justice in the city. Now, many other participants were pushing their ideals also at the same time but in the end a deal was made (i.e. forced by the Lady of Pain); the war would stop, the number of factions would decrease to a manageable number and any one who didn’t agree with the plan was banished to the mazes. Some of the factions that survived divided up the city municipalities. The Harmonium and The Mercykillers fought over who would bring law to Sigil. In the end it was decided that the Harmonium would police the people and The Mercykillers would hand out the punishment with the The Fraternity of Order deciding the guilt and innocence.

And that’s been the status quo – till now.

It shouldn’t have been as surprising as it was – they are part of “the system” after all but in all the years since the last street war it had not been done – not on this scale.
The Lady’s decrees against open warfare was inviolate – these no disputing that – but ‘open warfare’ was also open to interpretation. Gangs fought – assassinations occurred and The Revolutionary League did it’s best to wreak havoc without drawing the Lady’s attention.
While the Harmonium might have expected harsh words on the floor in the Hall of Speakers or small petty retaliation, they didn’t expect to be drawn in to a protracted legal battle. After all they hadn’t killed the man; they just didn’t find the killer. It happened all the time.
Accused in the courts of malfeasance The Harmonium was forced to respond in a way it wasn’t quite prepared to – intelligently and with eloquence.
That they wasn’t ready to do this was quite obvious.
Two other things also become obvious:

1) With some exceptions the Hardhead’s way of finding guilty parties involved intimidating the locals in to giving up ‘a’ guilty party – not necessarily ‘the’ guilty party.

2) They had an abysmal record of justice in the Lower and Hive wards. Rumors abound that the Harmonium are having trouble off plane and with their attention split between the two areas something had to give. Of course it was the poor and downtrodden sections of the city.

The Hall of Speakers tried to derail the case claiming that this is a city governing matter and should be brought to the floor in the Hall of Speakers. Factol Alisohn Nilesi of the Marcykillers rejected this whole cloth. She claimed that the level of incompatance wasn’t just a single incident but a pattern of failier that was, with malace and forthought, commited against the poor of the city by the highups in The Harmonioum. She rejected Erin Darkflame’s offer and turned to the Guvners.

So the case was found to have merit and a trial date was set.

This made finding the killer all the more important. With the Harmonium caught with its armor down they needed to find this killer to put things right. The Mercykillers had every reason to find the killer themselves just to keep things rolling.

Anarchists tried to assassinate the lawyer, Arkus Reditt, for the Mercykillers but failed as he was too well protected.

While the trial went on the Mercykillers were patrolling the deadhead wards along with the Harmonium. In one of their sweeps a series of revelers were arrested. One of these, Salni was a companion of Uli. A raid was made on the Prison with the aid of Cell 39 and a successful escape lead to the plane of Acheron and a scramble for a gate back to the city.


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