Sigil (The Cage)

In the center of the great ring connecting all the planes are the Outlands. Rising at the very center of the Outlands is The Great Spire. Then, above the Great Spire, at the center of all things, is Sigil. The city floats around the rise of the spire at the top like a tire lying on its’ side.
The city resides in the interior of the tire. Gloomy and bent no matter where you go gravity points away from the center – toward The Great Ring away from the Spire.

Sigil is ruled by the Lady of Pain (unknown/Sigil/no faction) and has been for a long as anyone remembers. A ‘hands off’ leader she rarely makes appearances. The day to day running of the city’s infrastructure is handled by the Faction and the danubs. She has very few rules but like all things in the universe these rules follow the Rule of Three.

1) Powers are not allowed in the city. If by agreement or actually being held at bay by The Lady is anyone’s guess. Unknown if it’s a side effect or part of the cosmic deal but The Lady takes a very dim view of being worshipped as a power herself. This is discouraged with extreme prejudice.
2) Planer travel doesn’t work at all in The Cage. The only way to enter or exit is using the gates, or doors. The city derives one of it’s’ nicknames from this oddity; The City of Doors.
3) Fanatics and zealots abound but no overt fighting is allowed. ‘Overt’ seems to be a very flexible word. As long as those not involved in the fighting or the city itself aren’t harmed there seems to be some wiggle room. Of course, if you’re wrong; it’s the Mazes for you, berk.

Angels and demons walk side by side and shout their view points across the table at the local bar, clueless primes try to buy things they need and bloods make fun of them and those in power try to keep it and those with out it try to get it. All under the watchful eye of an enigmatic ruler who hasn’t been seem in years but is always felt.

It is The Cage.
It is The City of Doors.
It is Sigil.


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