The Athar

“They are in you and me; they created us, body and mind; and their preservation is the ultimate rationale for our existence. They have come a long way, those creators. Now they go by the name of gods, and we are their survival machines.”

-Dawkins, human Defier

Believing in Disbelief

The latest in a long line of Athar rhetorical speeches has proved a great success with Cagers. Always looking for a new metaphor to use to bring the powers down a peg or three, Dawkins ( Prime / human male / 10lv Expert / Athar / CG ) says that if a power is considered to be a human, then his proxies would be dogs – basically faithful, obedient, dumb, drooling slaves. Priests would be rats – sly and after as many crumbs of the human’s food as possible. At the bottom of the heap, as always, are normal bashers, who’d be the equivalent of mice – vulnerable to abuse from any of the others. All the more reason why, argues Dawkins, we don’t let the powers get exactly what they want: Worship!
In another of his increasingly influential speeches, Dawkins mocked one of the favourite claims of priests: That humans are the finest creations of the gods. If this is the case, Dawkins argued, then these so-called powers ain’t exactly fine craftsmen, are they!

Philosophy: The gods are frauds; the unknowable truth lies beyond the veil.
Factol: Terrance
Sigil HQ: Shattered Temple (Lower Ward)
Home Plane: Astral Plane
Allies: Believers of the Source

Theological Dissonance [Namer] (Su): You gain immunity to the following divine spells: bane, bestow curse, blasphemy, command, greater command, dictum, doom, enthrall, holy word, prayer, word of chaos.

Theophobia [Namer] (Ex): You may not willingly accept any magical aid (including healing) from priests who worship a deity. (Priests of non-incarnate concepts are acceptable, however.)

Theological Disjunction [Factotum] (Su): You gain a +2 faction bonus on saving throws versus all divine spells and spell-like abilities.

Athaon Banishment [Factotum] (Sp): Four or more athaons (Athar factotums) together can cast banishment as a full-round action, using the highest involved character level as the effective caster level. The DC increases by 1 for every extra participant beyond four.

Hidden Soul [Factor] (Su): You are permanently protected from unwanted divinations, as per the nondetection spell. Can be suppressed or resumed as a free action. DC is 15 + character level.

The Athar

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