The Doomguard

“One hundred kips all lined in a row,
one hundred kips in a line,
take an axe, some oil and a match,
ninety nine kips lined in a row”

- Doomguard Drinking Song

All will be Dust

The Sinkers are a funny bunch, and no screed. They claim that the Multiverse is in a constant state of decay; things are wearing down and breaking; life grinds itself to a halt. Maybe they’ve got a point…just count the number of civilisations that’ve brought destruction to themselves after growing too large…the Blood War to name but one (though a cutter who called the fiends “civilised” would need his brain-box looking at).
The Doomguard, then, revel in the falling down, and rather than try to prevent things collapsing they cherish it in all its forms; decay, rust, corruption. You’d think that they’d also support the Anarchists’ incessant demands for the dismantling of the factions (after all, that’s entropy ain’t it), but, curiously, the Sinkers ain’t keen on the idea. Maybe they ain’t the selfless philosophers I’ve painted them to be…

Factol: Pentar (f/h/Rgr20/CN/The Doomguard/Factol)
Sigil HQ: City Armory (Lady’s Ward)
Home Plane: Negative quasi-elemental planes
Allies: Bleak Cabal, Dustmen
Enemies: Fraternity of Order, Harmonium

Demolition [Namer] (Ex): You gain proficiency with all simple and martial weapons. Thrice per day, by taking a full-round action that draws an attack of opportunity, you may focus a single blow upon an immobile, inanimate object to deal an automatic critical hit. Even things which would normally be immune to critical hits may be affected, but the object’s DR or hardness, if any, still applies.

Healing Antipathy [Namer] (Su): A Sinker’s natural distaste for renewal and growth manifests itself as an antipathy to magical healing. You must fail a Will save to be affected by a magical healing spell or effect; otherwise, the spell is wasted.

Entropic Blow [Factotum] (Su): Once per day, a Doomguard factor may declare an attack to be an entropic blow. Add the Sinker’s Charisma bonus to the attack roll; a successful hit ignores material hardness and deals an extra +1 point of damage per level. May not be combined with the Demolition ability.

Sift Rubble [Factor] (Su): You can examine a scene of death or destruction which occurred up to 500 years ago to mentally “read” the causes, victim’s identity, and approximate age of the damage. Requires at least a full round of silent meditation at the scene.

The Doomguard

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