The Fated

“Anything that isn’t nailed down is mine. Anything I can pry up isn’t nailed down.”
-A wisper gnome

Help Yourself…

‘Cos I ain’t going to lift a finger to aid you. So think the Fated, called ‘the Heartless’ by many. But they’re not all evil; far from it. You’d not call the plane of Bytopia evil now, would you, and locals there have a very similar attitude — don’t rely on charity, because it’s fickle. Strive to do things your way, and make others depend on you, so you can call in the favours later. Be generous by all means, but remember that all debts have to be paid in the end.
Cutters in Sigil fear the Fated as much, if not more than, the Mercykillers. See, the Fated have this knack of remembering things they’re owed, and finding ways to take as much of their share as possible. Default on a loan repayment? Better not answer the door when the Fated come knocking to collect it.

On the Prime, they have a saying: “Elephants never forget”. Who knows what that’s supposed to mean, but in Sigil, they say something else: “A Taker Never Forgets”. And better believe it’s true.

Factol: Duke Rowan Darkwood (ma/h/Rgr10/Clr12/CG/Fated/Factol)
Sigil HQ: Hall of Records (Clerks’ Ward)
Home Plane: Ysgard
Allies: Free League (loose), Mercykillers (loose)
Enemies: Harmonium

Taker’s Talents [Namer] (Ex): You receive a +4 faction bonus to the Bluff, Diplomacy, and Sleight of Hand skills. You may select one of those skills to always be a class skill for you.

Independent Spirit [Namer] (Ex): Members of the Fated can’t accept or perform charity in any form. Everything you receive must be earned in one form or another, and the service must be provided before payment is given.

Self-Sufficient [Factotum] (Ex): On achieving the rank of factotum, you receive eight skill points with which you can buy ranks in any skill as if it were a class skill for you. Additionally, you may choose any one skill to become one of your class skills.

Jack of All Trades [Factor] (Ex): You can use any skill untrained, even those which are exclusive or would normally require training. For the purposes of buying skills, all cross-class skills become class skills for you; all exclusive skills become cross-class skills.

The Fated

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