The Free League

“So you wanna be an indep, fine, be an indep…”

You’re Free, to Do What You Want to Do

Cutter, the Indeps have kept themselves pretty close-mouthed of late. Perhaps they’re afraid of the Hardhead patrols kicking off on them. I’ll try and persuade some of them to come out from under their stones and lann me with some chant, as soon as I can…

Importaint Members:

Factol: None
Sigil HQ: Great Bazaar (Market Ward)
Home Plane: Outlands
Allies: Fated (loose)
Enemies: Harmonium

Indomitable Mind [Namer] (Su): The fiercely independent members of the Free League gain a +2 faction bonus to Will saves versus all charm and compulsion spells. If such a spell wouldn’t normally allow a saving throw, the Indep gets one anyhow.

Mutual Distaste [Namer] (Ex): The flip side of the Free League’s anti-factions philosophy is that the other factions don’t think much of them either. Known Indeps will be met with anything from cultured disdain to outright hostility or occasional violence when they deal with members of most other factions. They have no representation in Sigil’s government, and tend to get worse treatment from the city’s legal system.

Friend of a Friend [Factotum] (Ex): Members in good standing of the Free League get a 20% discount off of almost all merchandise (even magical wares) in the Great Bazaar.

Know Faction [Factor] (Sp): Particularly experienced Indeps can instinctively discern the philosophical leanings of others; they gain know faction as a spell-like ability once per day.

The Free League

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