The Harmonium

“You want to join our cause? Think this way.

- Tonat Shar, inducting a new member into the Harmonium

“Move along, berk, nothing to see Here”…

The Harmonium are usually touchy when you start asking questions. More often than not they’ll try to clap you in planar mancatchers if you start trying to record their speeches into mimirs. Nobody really knows why the law-enforcing faction of Sigil’s so jumpy these days, but there are plenty of wild theories.
Some cutters reckon the Hardheads are worried they’ll be displaced from Sigil when the next sect with enough power challenges them. See, the Harmonium are a pretty new faction as these things go, and they haven’t had so much time to build up power bases on the planes as other groups. Add to this the fact they’re making themselves pretty unpopular by enforcing the laws of the Cage, and you come up with a pretty grim conclusion…perhaps the Hardheads think they’re an easy target.

A casual observer would probably laugh at this notion, after all, the Harmonium are the most prominent faction in the Cage, especially now they’ve established a secondary headquarters in the Hive (as SIGIS reports). But some touts reckon they’re spreading themselves a bit thin. The Communals, the Expansionists and the Ring-Givers all have their greedy eyes on the Cage, and any one of ’em is a potential threat to the Harmonium.

Perhaps this is why, as the dark whispers go, the Harmonium are trying to weaken other factions on the sly. Many a rumour’s gone round the Harmonium are actively trying to drive the Indeps out of the Cage by harassment and persecution. It seems to be working…there are fewer Free Leaguers hanging around the Bazaar these days, anyone will confirm.

Or perhaps the Harmonium are worried about something else. Strange things have been happening on Arcadia, recently. Berk, it’s a gossipmonger’s paradise…

Factol: Sarin (m/h/Pal16/LG/Harmonium/Factol)
Sigil HQ: City Barracks (Lady’s Ward)
Home Plane: Arcadia, Ortho
Allies: Fraternity of Order, Mercykillers
Enemies: Indeps, Revolutionary League, Xaositects

Commanding Presence [Namer] (Sp): New members (“Notaries”) of the Harmonium are trained to exact obedience from others. They gain command as a spell-like ability once per day.

Stay In Line [Namer] (Ex): Without their strict chain of command, the Hardheads would be nothing. Any variation from the orders of a Harmonium superior causes you to lose all faction powers and privileges until you receive an atonement spell and a notice of reinstatement from your commanding officer.

Hardheaded [Factotum] (Ex): “Hardhead” isn’t just a nickname — the Harmonium have a strong sense of purpose that allows them to resist effects that would sway others. Harmonium factotums (“Measures”) gain a +4 bonus to saves vs. mind affecting spells and effects.

Authority Figure [Factor] (Sp): High-ranking Harmonium officers (“Movers”) have a terribly compelling presence when roused. They gain greater command as a spell-like ability once per week.

The Harmonium

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