The Xaositects

“If you were a dog, what kind of shoes
do you think I should wear? Well?!"

- Xaositect factioneer

“Indeps are non-conformists, Signers are the centre of the Multiverse,
Ciphers never think, us, well, we’re…uhm…hey look, a dog…
Bark! Bark! haha look at it run! hehehe…."

- The same cutter, moments later

Is the Infinitely Green of today a Big Plane one (1) ?

The Xaosmen are one of the more misunderstood factions in the Cage. Even by themselves. How can you understand a philosophy that espouses randomness, chance and all-or-nothing chaos? Well, the water perhaps ain’t as murky as it might seem. I’ve persuaded a Xaosman friend of mine, Zoaster, to slip you the chant about what he believes the faction represents, and of course, there’s the story of Varpar Hogar, a case study in the blurry line between law and chaos.
My subjects mightn’t be the randomest around, but then who needs another few minutes of scramblespeak anyway? It ain’t like anyone really understands it…including the factioneers, I reckon. See the puzzled look on their faces? They haven’t a clue. No wonder they’re all half barmy…just think, you’ve got to keep up the pretence of understanding it because none of ‘em want to admit they haven’t the faintest idea what they’re talking about. Or so the chant I’ve heard goes…

Factol: Karan (m/gith/Ftr9/CN/Xaositects/Factol)
Sigil HQ: The Hive (Hive Ward)
Home Plane: Limbo
Allies: Doomguard, Bleakers
Enemies: Harmonium, Fraternity of Order

Scramblespeak [Namer] (Ex): Xaositects keep their activities secret by communicating in a complicated verbal code called “scramblespeak”. If two Xaositects share a common language, they can communicate covertly without having to make Bluff or Sense Motive checks to hide their real meaning. Non-Xaositect observers can attempt to discern the meaning in the gibberish by making a Sense Motive check at DC (20 + speaker’s total Bluff bonus). Bluff is always a class skill for Xaositects.

Disorderly Conduct [Namer] (Ex): Any enterprise that requires real organization or long-term planning — owning a business, building a stronghold, raising any army, et cetera — is beyond the limited attention span of a Chaosman.

Babble [Factotum] (Sp): True Xaositects, as instruments of raw disorder, possess the ability to use the babble spell once per day. They tend to do so as often as possible, and with great glee.

Source of Confusion [Factor] (Su): High-up Chaosmen bosses become lightning rods of universal disorder. The DM is free to give them some sort of bizarre but useful power, which changes at least once a week.

The Xaositects

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